Lone Dynasty

Lone Dynasty is an exceptionally talented Techno, Raw Techno, Drum and Bass, Minimal DJ and Producer. He has carved his niche in the burgeoning techno music scene. Whereas music is fluid and free, one thing that remains constant with Lone Dynasty’s music is the ability to take listeners on a journey of sound with each beat and rhythm in harmonies that reel you like a fish on a hook.
He, also trained as a lawyer, made his debut as a Producer in Electronic Music 12 Years ago and worked as a DJ and Producer for the Lone Dynasty band. His debut saw him win the New Comer Electronic Music 2010 South Africa award. He also worked with the Nu Metalband the Lone Dynasty band as a member between 2020 and 2022.
Lone Dynasty has released several albums, including Underground Club, Underground Next Level, Underground Phase 2, Sound, Driver, Sharp, and Melody, among many others. He has also featured in The XX Experiment The UNDGRND, released in 2021, released and Rebellion, an interpretation of melancholic, emotional acid techno and electronica, released in 2022.
As a powerful and creative DJ, Lone Dynasty is known for dance floor crowd reading, a unique DJ quality that helps him resonate well with his audience. Nothing but the beat backs up its high gloss pop with ingenious electronic stylings that deftly flaunt Lone Dynasty’s pedigree. The remarkably creative beat maker is renowned in the music industry for his impressive ability to pick a unique element in the beat and use it to flow.

Tag: techno dub step, techno minimal, techno, crossover, metal, numetal